Our Mission
WARS would strive hard to systematically convince the government and other agencies about the health . More>>
Our Vision
People of the state would be able to live a peaceful and healthy life that would base on Self Employment Generation. More>>
Our Activities
The organization works in association with people, Government and non-Government organizations
News All Donations & Contributions are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961
Welcome to WARS !
Welfare of Aadivasis for Reformed Society, earlier known as Aadivasi’s Reformation & Welfare Society (WARS) is a non-governmental organization, which found its birth by a group of social workers. Since that day, it has come a long way and implemented a lot of programmes. The aim of starting such an agency was to unite the people and to make them agents of their own development. Its Registered Office is situated at Gua, West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. Now its head office is shifted to Bhubaneshwar. Its doors are open for all those who are interested to do some social work selflessly. It renders services to all irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Success is our motto and we believe in the fact that talkers are never good dears”.

Our work and out put speak for us. The members as well as the office bearers of our organization are fully dedicated themselves for the sake of rural poor men, women, children, irrespective caste, creed & religion, who are being exploited by literacy, poverty and blind beliefs. More>>
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