Our Mission
WARS would strive hard to systematically convince the government and other agencies about the health . More>>
Our Vision
People of the state would be able to live a peaceful and healthy life that would base on Self Employment Generation. More>>
Our Activities
The organization works in association with people, Government and non-Government organizations
News All Donations & Contributions are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961
Our Profile !
Aadivasi’s Reformation & Welfare Society (WARS) is a non-governmental organization, which found its birth by a group of social workers. Since that day, it has come a long way and implemented a lot of programmes. The aim of starting such an agency was to unite the people and to make them agents of their own development. Its Registered Office is situated at Gua, West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. Now its head office is shifted to Bhubaneshwar.

Its doors are open for all those who are interested to do some social work selflessly. It renders services to all irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Success is our motto and we believe in the fact that talkers are never good dears”.Our work and out put speak for us. The members as well as the office bearers of our organization are fully dedicated themselves for the sake of rural poor men, women, children, irrespective caste, creed & religion, who are being exploited by literacy, poverty and blind beliefs.
We are true, sincere and genuine workers. We have done our much valuable work silently. The organization works in association with people, Government and non-Government organizations.

History of WARS

Dynamic, Energetic, Young & Enthusiast Indian Volunteer, Subir Sharma started working in upliftment and socio-economic development of Aadivasis since last 1993 in different NGOs. Attitude towards social contribution was main motto and started all the social activities as struggle for existence.

Origin of Aadivasi’s Reformation & Welafare Society (WARS):

During 1993, when few NGOs were working in West Singhbhum district of Bihar now devided and comes under Jharkhand State, without any legal obligation as well as constitutional support, Subir Sharma has started some social activities towards the development as well as upliftment of local Aadvasi people of West Singhbhum.

The main focus was to upliftment and changes in the lives of Aadivasi (ST/SC), backward, vulnerable, tribals and marginalized people of the Society as well as surrounding villages.

At first he left the ongoing jobs, being a software professional, he was working in the same field and looking forward for good prospectus/opportunities in IT field. Meanwhile when he saw the poor and vulnerable local people of West Singhbhum, as the richest mineral and mines area of India, people were very poor may be due to poverty as well as illiteracy. Resources was too much to uplift them, therefore he decided to work on development field using their own natural resources and manpower.

But this movement would be structured and this struggle for existence later on named as Aadivasi’s Reformation & Welfare Society abrivieted as WARS. Whatever works being done, peacefully and without harming anyone, achieve the goal was his motto.


Volunteering has been at the very heart of the WARS since its inception in 2001.Volunteers and their SHG are the backbone of all activities, helping branches to run successful programmes and assisting numbers of vulnerable people in need. WARS reward and recognize volunteers whenever possible and appropriate and provides appropriate personal development opportunities.

WARS recruits volunteers irrespective of their race, ethnicity, sex, religious belief, age, and disability or membership. All volunteers are entitled to choose to become a Member of WARS, can have appropriate training or personnel development to be able to undertake their agreed tasks or role; and accept or refuse any task or role in accordance of a code of ethic or fundamentals of a voluntary service.


The WARS renders its humanitarian services with the help and the co-operation of people at all levels of Society (Either Contractor, Supplier, Mines Owners or Transporter or Public by donation. For all donations and contributions, contact nearest branches of WARS either in West Singhbhum district or State Headquarter of Bhubaneswar (ODISHA).

Objective of the Organization :
To promote Social, Economical, Educational, Cultural and Spiritual Development of the Aadivasis as well as Villages/Villagers.
a To preserve, promote and project Aadivasi Social and Cultural Values.
a To create awareness among Aadivasis about their Constitutional Rights.
a To make special endeavour for the welfare and development of Aadivasi Women and children in difficult circumstances.
a To promote the conditions of the health, education and normal life of the people.
a To promote Library Awareness and establishment of Libraries.
a To conduct and help the Govenrnment & Non-Government Programmes.
a To undertake relief work as well as the Government Services for Rural Development
a To conduct edult education, child education, maternity and child welfare, removale of untouchability, medical aid, prohibition of drugs and liquors etc.
a To held any functions, i.e. play, health,education related and normal life of the people.
a The Government funds will mainly be spent for such work as effectively the general men, specially the backward peoples and Poor section people.
a The special stress will have to be given to the activities of Agricultural development, self employment generation for upliftment of the village/cottage industries and to the work related with upliftment of poor Section of the society, especially the trible population and unemployed youths.
a To provide fertilisers to the poor villagers and promote agricultural education.
a To organise seminars for developement of National Unity Awareness programmes to youths.
a Publication of Journals, weekly and other publications regarding to developmental works can be published by the organisation.
a Audio-Visual activities may be a part of the organisation.
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